My Dearest Fellow Conspirators,

Today’s topic is on how to count from one to nine.

A book is called a book.

Three books are called a trilogy.

But nine books in one series?

Yes, my dear Conspirators. There’s a name for that.

It’s called an ennealogy. It means a nine-part series, as in Star Wars, which, like the Conspiracy Chronicles, is made up of three interconnected trilogies, or nine total narrative pieces of the larger pie.

In my mind, Resistance started out as a single, stand-alone book. When it was nearly finished, I realized there were a lot of interesting ideas and adventures about to be left behind.

So, a single book evolved into the Resistance Trilogy.

By the end of the Resistance Trilogy, I realized there was still more story to tell. This world I’d built had gotten away from me and was too far gone, too corrupt, to be cured with a three-book story arc.

But it wasn’t me who decided to keep going.

It was Kress.

She had more to offer, more to share, more to do, and more to desire. She asked to keep growing and going, and I learned early on to listen to my characters.

Plus, she’s smarter than I am.

It wasn’t just her, either. Brohn, Cardyn, Rain, and Manthy all had a say. And Render, of course, wasn’t shy about making his feelings known!

It wasn’t just that these kids wanted to grow up. They were chomping at the bit, asking…begging…and finally demanding to grow beyond.

They needed to go beyond where a single book—or even a single trilogy—could take them. So we got to work following each other along the Resistance path until we found new, rougher paths to pursue.

Thus, the Emergents Trilogy was born.

The first two books of this second trilogy—Survival and Sacrifice—are already out, of course. Now, I’m working on Synthesis, which is slated for release in February 2020.

And now, even this second trilogy isn’t enough….

The Resistance Trilogy follows Kress and her Conspiracy from the Valta to the Processor, into the woods, and on to San Francisco where they help lead a local rebellion.

The Emergents Trilogy follows our heroes on harrowing adventures from San Francisco to Chicago to Washington, D.C. as they try to track down others like them, come to terms with their emerging abilities, and build an army to battle the tyrannical President Krug.

So that’s all in the U.S.

“But what about the rest of the world?” Kress asked one day.

My answer: I don’t know. But there’s one way to find out.

So, after the Emergents Trilogy, you can join Kress and her Conspiracy in the Transcendent Trilogy where they will finish their mission with a globe-trotting, life-or-death adventure to places like France; Accra, Ghana; Valencia, Spain; Cagliari, Sardinia; and Ankara, Turkey. They may even get as far as Beijing, China!

Honestly, I don’t know where their adventures will lead or what they will find.

Writing is a three-way street, after all. I’m just the writer. None of this happens without the other two elements of this endeavor: the characters (Kress and company) and the readers (you!).

Books like this—dystopian, strong female protagonist, etc.—tend to be pretty insular. They say, “Here’s how the world is going to look,” except the world they refer to tends to be a single zone, province, territory, or nation.

But what’s happening in the rest of the world? What does life look like outside of our heroes’ comfort zone?

The third trilogy will attempt to answer those questions as well as some much more challenging ones such as the nature of dreams and the definition of the soul, itself!

I don’t know what kind of answers Kress and her Conspiracy will find—if they find any at all—but I’m glad you’re going to be there with them when they try.

Conspiratorially yours,