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“This has got to be one of the most fantastic books I’ve ever read!” 
– Amazon reviewer re: Recruitment

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the conspiracy chronicles



Coming Soon


New YA Apocalyptic series coming Sept 16, 2022

It took sixteen years of torment and insecurity to make Virtue a wallflower. It took a single day of classes (and an academy full of brainwashed killers) to turn her into the school’s most feared and deadly badass.

A Kingdom Scarred

New Adult Fantasy series coming Nov 1, 2022

In the Blood Trials, only two victors survive. The rest lose their lives…and everyone they’ve ever loved.

Young Adult Dystopian Fiction

Resistance Trilogy

The Resistance Trilogy

The first trilogy in The Conspiracy Chronicles

In 2042, the country has been invaded by the dreaded Eastern Order. Kress and her friends have been recruited to help… only the military camp they’re taken to is getting more mysterious and deadlier by the day.


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 1


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 2


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 3

Emergents Trilogy

The Emergents Trilogy

The second trilogy in The Conspiracy Chronicles

Picking up where the Resistance Trilogy leaves off, the Emergents Trilogy follows Kress and her Conspiracy on a daring quest to restore democracy and truth to the country. Not all Emergents are ready to accept who and what they are, however, and some have even started using their abilities for selfish or evil ends.


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 4


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 5


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 6

Transcendent Trilogy

The Transcendent Trilogy

The third trilogy in The Conspiracy Chronicles

Picking up where the Resistance Trilogy and Emergents Trilogy leave off, Kress and her friends—old and new—embark on a danger-filled, whirlwind crusade that makes their previous adventures look like a summer vacation.


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 7


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 8


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 9

Transcendent Trilogy


The fourth trilogy in The Conspiracy Chronicles

On the brink of a new global apocalypse, the mysterious raven-whisperer Branwynne and the techno-genetically enhanced teenagers of the Emergents Academy find themselves entangled in a three-way battle for power, where survival is doubtful, peace is impossible, and death is inevitable.

Emergents Academy

Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 10

Cult of the Devoted

Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 11

Army of the Unsettled

Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 12

Transcendent Trilogy

Ravenmaster Chronicles

The fifth trilogy in The Conspiracy Chronicles

When Epic—the villainous, marble-skinned techno-geneticist—threatens to use her own past against her, Kress will need to fight, not just for her life, but for the fate of every living person on the planet.


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 13


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 14


Conspiracy Chronicles
Book 15

Young Adult Science Fiction & Dystopian Romance

Transcendent Trilogy

the cure chronicles

A five-part dystopian romance for readers of The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Selection

Before the Blight, becoming an adult was something teenagers looked forward to.
But now, turning eighteen means certain death.

Unless you prove yourself worthy of the Cure.

the cure

The Cure Chronicles
Book 1


The Cure Chronicles
Book 2


The Cure Chronicles
Book 3


The Cure Chronicles
Book 4


The Cure Chronicles
Book 5

Young Adult Fantasy

The Seeker’s Series

In the space of two days, Vega Sloane has a birthday, finds out she’s a Seeker, meets a boy, and has to decide if she’s going to cross over with him into a dragon-filled realm to save the world.

A magic-filled YA Fantasy series for the romantic dragon-lover in all of us!

Seeker's World

“You are a Seeker. Prove yourself worthy, and you may just save the world”

Seeker's Quest

What seems like a simple rescue mission quickly turns into something far more perilous than Vega could ever have imagined.

Seeker's Fate

A Seeker’s work is never finished, and Vega has a crucial task ahead of her: find the Lyre of Adair before the Usurper Queen’s minions do.

Seeker's Promise

Vega finds herself—and those she cares about—changing in ways she never anticipated.

Seeker's Hunt

Betrayal, bonds, and a battle in Fairhaven will threaten Vega’s life, her love, and the family she’s managed to build. Will she be able to stop the danger before all is lost?

Adult Science Fiction

Athena’s Law

Dystopian Sci-Fi  Series

It’s 2088. Under Athena’s Law, men can’t own guns, women have all the power, and the world is at peace…or so it seems.

A political sci-fi thriller—one of Riley’s grittier futuristic series, more for the grown-up and older YA crowd.

Rise of the Inciters

Book 1. What would the world look like if only women controlled weapons and government?

Into an Unholy Land

Book 2. Her world is in flames. But the new world that awaits? It’s much, much worse.

No Man's Land

With a ruthless and vengeful army hot on their trail, Marion and her fugitive friends try to reclaim their world.

About the author

K. A. Riley is a writer of speculative and science fiction, dedicated to creating worlds just different enough from our own to be entertaining, intriguing and a little frightening all at once.

For Riley, writing isn’t a job. It’s a laboratory where readers can wander into a land of ideas; it’s a playground where they can scamper around, giggling, gasping, and freaking out to their hearts’ content.


On the Cutting Room Floor

On the Cutting Room Floor

My Dearest Fellow Conspirators, Today, I’d like to take a moment to honor something in my books that isn’t there. What I’m talking about are deleted scenes. You’ve seen stuff like this before on that DVD menu button that lets you see outtakes, alternate shots, and...

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Listen up! The Audiobook Experience

Listen up! The Audiobook Experience

My Dearest Fellow Conspirators, First of all, thank you for reading my books! You’re the reason I write! Synthesis (Book 6 of the Conspiracy Chronicles) is out on Amazon now, and Book 2 of the Seeker’s Series is on its way! Remind me to write a blog on what it’s like...

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Experiencing the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris

Experiencing the Jardin de Luxembourg in Paris

My Dearest Fellow Conspirators, I spend a lot of time thinking about politics, racial and gender issues, what it means to grow up in today’s world, and all the assorted things that stop us from being the angelic society we eternally hope to become. What can I say? I...

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Why Y.A.?

Why Y.A.?

My Dearest Fellow Conspirators, There's so much out there to write about and so many genres to write it in. So why Y.A.? There are indeed a lot of genres out there, and I have eclectic tastes. There’s not much I don’t enjoy reading. So why write Young Adult? Good...

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