My Dearest Fellow Conspirators,

The second trilogy in The Conspiracy Ennealogy has just come to a conclusion with Synthesis, which is now out on Amazon!

The Transcendent Trilogy—the final three books of the nine-part Conspiracy Chronicles—will be coming out one at a time about every three months during 2020. Those books are, in order, Travelers, Transcendent, and Terminus.

Travelers is up for pre-order on June 5, 2020, and it’s already generating a lot of buzz!

After you’ve plowed your way through those, you don’t need to say goodbye to Kress and Company!

Although they’ll have a limited role, they will make an appearance in the next series, THE EMERGENTS ACADEMY: ACADEMY OF THE APOCALYPSE, which is slated to come out in 2021!

I can’t give too much away, of course, but The Emergents Academy of the Apocalypse will be set about ten years after the events of the Conspiracy ennealogy.

It will deal with the role of Emergents, Hypnagogics, Modifieds, and Typics (genetically and technologically un-modified humans) working together to deal with, among other things, a worldwide pandemic, catastrophic global climate change, rampant gun violence, a collection of radiation belts that are quickly turning the planet into strips of arctic and desert zones, and two hostile forces known as the Devoteds and the mysterious Unsettled, who are dead set on recruiting the Emergents into their cause…or else eliminating them from the face of the earth.

In a near-future when most of the adults have either given up, disappeared, or else gone completely rogue, the Emergents Academy is a safe haven in the mountains, a place where the young adults of the time can live, rest, and learn the skills they’ll need to survive in a deadly world that’s creeping closer all the time.

If you’re hungry for a set of fast-paced books with a touch of tech, a hint of magic, a lot of mystery, survival skills, and some seriously dangerous missions in an apocalyptic hellscape, this will definitely be the series for you!

Thank you for reading!

Conspiratorially yours,